Welcome to the streets. The Dope Wars community is producing one of the first play-to-earn crypto games on the Ethereum, Optimism, and StarkNet blockchains, inspired by the classic TI-83 game we played instead of doing math homework. Dope Wars is an ongoing metaverse project, where we envision multiple games and digital environments in our future ecosystem.

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🌐 Website → dopewars.gg

<aside> ⚠️ Please use the Swap Meet Marketplace to buy anything Dope Wars. Refer to the Swap Meet Guide for tutorials on how to buy.


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Table of Contents

Players Guide

Community Guide

Developers Guide

Players Guide

Hustlers & OGs

The Characters

*Hustlers are the in-game and in-ecosystem characters in the Dope Wars universe.

Hustlers undergo a process of Initiation, or character customization, prior to mint. This can be done using the swap meet.

A limited set of 500 "OG Hustlers" or "OGs" were Initiated and minted in November 2021 and are sold out.*

Hustler Guide